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Rich . Soft . Musical

Singing is the most natural form of communication and the more real, natural and normal it is, the more engaging and amazing it is.

Great philosophers understood that music is essential to human happiness. If singing is your passion, pursue that happiness without hesitation!

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So, Kreative Krew would like to draw the attention of such astounding singers towards “Kreative Krew Talent (Season1)”.
Under Singing category of this talent hunt program, participants are supposed to submit their song clip, among which top five entries will be selected for the GRAND FINALE.

  1. Age of the participant has to lie between 16 - 28
  2. Nationality - No bar
  1. One participant can participate in two categories at the most. The candidate is expected to register two times if desires to participate in two categories.
  2. Participants need to make a video while they are singing and make sure the voice & video is clear. Use of mic is recommended.
  3. The video can be shot on a DSLR for clarity OR on any smart phone. (Use of Tripod for stability is recommended)
  4. The size of the video should not exceed 25 MB.
  5. The duration of the song should be at least 3 minutes.
  6. Only Solo entries will be entertained.
  7. The song can be either in English or Hindi and not in any other language.
  8. Choice of song is open to the participants but the song should not have any slangs or derogatory language.
  9. Make sure there is no background noise in the submitted video. Participants can play any musical instrument.
  10. Karaoke is not allowed.
Judgement will be based upon the following points
  1. Timing & Presentation
  2. Voice Quality
  3. Song selection
  4. Clarity
  5. Rythm
  6. Tune